157. Sweet & Sour Assorted Vegetables

158. Glorious Greens with Oyster Sauce

159. Curry Eggplant

160. Manchurian Eggplant

161. Szechuan Effplant with Black Bean Sauce

162. Spicy Garlic Green Beans (Dry) (Seasonal Price)

163. Assorted Vegetables in Manchurian Sauce (Stirfry)

164. Assorted Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce (New)

165. Assorted Vegetables with Curry Sauce (New)

166. Manchurian Broccoli

167. Manchurian Vegetables Balls with Sauce (Deep Fried)

168. Chili Pepper House Cauliflower (Deep Fried)

169. Chili Pepper House Okra w/ Manchurian Sauce (Deep Fried)

170. Chili Pepper House Okra & Cauliflower w/ Manchurian Sauce (Deep Fried)

171. Haaji Okra (Dry, Deep Fried) (New) (Seasonal Price)

172. Okra Curry with Sliced Potato & Onion (Seasonal Price)

173. Szechuan 3 Kinds Veg. (Dry, Bean, Broccoli & Cauliflower)

174. Baby Corn/Button Mushroom with Onion (Dry) (New)